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Wall Couture: Not Your Grandmother's Wall Paper

Posted by Alex Marin on Jan 26, 2015 1:21:00 PM

Why Wall Couture®:

Say good bye to how grandma used to hang wall paper. No more wall prep, sticky glues, double coatings or waiting for dry time. In today's world with DIY becoming a more popular aspect of interior design, not to mention that wall paper hangers are a dying breed, new products like Wall Couture® are bringing ease to every day design solutions.



  • Choose from over 100 designs in at least 4 differnt color ways
  • Create your own custom designs from an archive of over 60,000 images




You would want to use wall couture when you want to transform a room and look like no one else.  What's great about wall couture is that it is semi permanent. If you decided to remove it, its not going to damage the surface to which you applied it. Wall Couture will peel right off and leave behind no sticky residue.




The vibrancy that wall couture brings to rooms will be a show stopper. The beauty of wall couture and the Soicher Marin archive of over sixty thousand images is that you are limited only by your own imagination. 



 Wall Couture® installation at CR Laine Showroom; High Point Market Fall 2014



Custom Wall Couture® designed by Tobi Fairley; CR Laine Showroom, High Point Market Fall 2014



  • No more being forced to buy excess material (we maximize the yeild for your dimensions)
  • No messy glues, machines, and no sticky residue left behind after removal



Professional installation not required.




When a painted wall just does not do the room justice. 



Apply Wall Couture® to table tops, book shelves and the insides of drawers. 



Each design can be custom colored to suit your needs.



Custom Wall Couture® installation at Ken Gemes Interiors Corporate HQ (photo credit: Ken Gemes Interiors)


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