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Posted by Alex Marin on Apr 7, 2015 5:02:00 PM

The Quintessential American Look: Thom Filicia for Soicher Marin

In the relatively short span of 20 years, Thom Filicia has become an icon of the American aesthetic . . . a taste maker. His directness and an accessible touch has allowed him to reach a broad variety of devotees. The quintessential American designer, Thom inherits the mantle of giants like Blass, Lauren and Hilfiger making him a true American style master.



In his newest collection of art, Thom dips into the landscape of not only America but the world with softened urban grit and textural city scenes.




He then moves our eyes to the organic shapes in nature: textures with animals and their fine details that reflect light and form that virtually glow off the paper eventually exploring those organic forms under the surface of the sea.  





Finally, mid-century black and white engravings frame the virtual landscape of the modernist mind of the 1950’s, inspired by the influence of Diebenkorn, Kline and Motherwell.



Come visit with Thom and hear from the taste maker himself on what makes this new line so special.

This #HPMKT in the Soicher Marin showroom. April 18th 11am-1pm. Refreshments and hors d'oeuvres to be served. 

Mission Launch: Tobi Fairley for Soicher Marin

In this our first collection with Tobi, our mission together is to harness her abundant energies into a smart, tight representation of her point of view; we endeavor to edit the work to the essence of her aesthetic philosophy; no small task. Her point of view which moves fluidly from colors to neutrals and monochromes…and back again makes us want to explore each idea fully. 





Edit is the proper word in spite of the fact that her first collection of art numbers more than 100 SKUs! We could have done much more, but we’ll save that for the future.



The style of art and framing is pure Tobi…bright, bold and tailored! We sprinkle in some mid-century black and white on aged paper and large monochrome canvases just to change the pace and give your eye a break. . .


Come visit with Tobi and hear from this design/business guru why she decided it was time to do a line with Soicher Marin.

This #HPMKT in the Soicher Marin showroom. April 19th 11am-1pm. Refreshments and hors d'oeuvres to be served.  


See what's on the floor! 

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